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Historical Bent: Frohawk Two Feathers

18 Oct

‘Tis election season in the US which for many ( including myself ) = the season for cynicism, frustration, and the eventual choosing between what we hope will be the less destructive of two not-so-great choices.  Throughout history many a nation has had a habit of creatively reinterpreting their own backstory to slant history more to their favor.  In his work, Los Angeles artist Frohawk Two Feathers calls out the ridiculousness of such reinvention, echoing the growing dissatisfaction with the political status quo.

He Dead. Amen! LaDonna, inventor of the hot comb and widow of Andre I of Hispaniola Maitresse of Mambo Erzulie Freda Dahomey, 30×44

Two Feathers’ ( born Umar Rashid ) works are a fictional retelling of periods in history, his latest series being a fictionalized version of the conquest of Haiti.  The overall style of his work bases itself in traditional colonial portraiture yet the artist tweaks it to tell his own version of the story.

Let Me Upgrade You. A farewell embrace for Duke Tarik Ibn Rashid and the Duchess Josefina of Margarita and Tortuga. Tarik was called to Frengland to Tirain the artillery corps by Lord Protector Casimir Theroux of the Republic of Frengland. Josefina is running shit for real man, 30×44

The Spanish Main 1794 (3BB) Blanca, the motherfucking Queen of Spain Jacinta, Queen of the Tairona (Deceased) Carlota, Queen of Santo Domingo (Deceased), 60.5×44.75

While the works are satirical in nature, I can’t help but think that they aren’t that far off from how our own histories have been subtly reshaped over time in order to gloss over certain ugly facts or to push a powerful group’s agenda.

Solid. Solid as a Rock Lord protector Casimir Theroux of Pomerania (Poland) and his wife Helen Sidney of London, 30×44

To see more of Frohawk Two Feathers’ work, please visit the website of his representing gallery, Taylor De Cordoba.  I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to explore LA galleries while we’re in Joshua Tree, since I’ll be heading to Florida for a month in November, but seeing this work in person at Taylor De Cordoba is high on my list.

All images are via the Taylor De Cordoba website.

Friday Finds: Galleries to Love

7 Sep

This whole economic mess has contributed to the loss of countless galleries around the US.  I know first hand what it is like to put blood, sweat and tears into one.  OK, maybe not blood, but plenty of sweat and tears, I assure you! 😉  I’ve heard some folks say that the old gallery model is a thing of the past, gasping for air, dead in the water.  But I believe in galleries!  And today, I’m featuring some brick & mortar galleries that are out there, doing it right.  These folks are hustling, marketing, selling and making magic happen for their artists and communities.  Put ’em on your list to check out, whether you can do so in person or online!

Diehl Gallery, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Florida Mining Gallery, Jacksonville, Florida

Foster/White Gallery, Seattle, WA

Gallery Orange, New Orleans, Louisiana

Taylor de Cordoba, Culver City, California

**I’m so excited to finally get a chance to visit Taylor de Cordoba and all the other LA area galleries when Mr. Forager & I hit SoCal in October!  Can’t wait to drag him all over Los Angeles.

Diehl Gallery | Florida Mining | Foster/White | Gallery Orange | Taylor de Cordoba

I hope you’ll check out these galleries when you’re in their respective cities– well worth the trip!  You can see more of my favorite artsy spots on my Pinterest board, Artsy’s Guide to Galleries.  Do you have a favorite gallery?  Let me know in the comments below!

In Living Color: Kimberly Brooks

28 Jun

There have been many times in the past year in which my hubby and I have had to pinch ourselves at the wonder of the moments we’ve experienced.  Living a life of travel has its downsides but we recognize how incredibly fortunate we are.  Each memory is one we may not have otherwise enjoyed had we chosen to stay put.  In her series Technicolor Summer, Los Angeles artist Kimberly Brooks captures such quiet moments in which life and all that surrounds us is being soaked up to the fullest.

Technicolor Summer, oil on linen, 36×44

Canon Drive, oil on linen

Her paintings are tinged with a hint of melancholy, as the scenes follow her family through summer vacations all the while bracing for the death of the artist’s father.  We too, find ourselves in the midst of amazing beauty, yet still wishing for something more.. thinking about how much a close friend or family member would enjoy the moment, how much we wish they were there with us.

Mulholland Drive, oil on linen

So we take lots of photographs to share, hoping that our loved ones can live these moments with us across the miles.  But we often wonder, if given the chance, would they have made the same choice?  We’ve met people who live within a few hours drive of incredible places yet they have never ventured out to experience them.

Yosemite River, oil on linen, 30×30

Are you living life to the fullest?  What moments are you truly enjoying and experiencing these days?  It’s so easy to get stuck in the drudgery of our day to day.  Get out and live in full color, enjoy every minute as if it were your last.

Artist found via Taylor De Cordoba Gallery.

Featured image is Technicolor Summer ( detail ), oil on linen, 36×44.  All images are via the artist’s website.

Delicate Pulp: Charlene Liu

29 May

I like to think that a big part of an artist’s purpose is to present the world with a new way of seeing something familiar.  Assumptions that were once made and scenes taken for granted are turned on their ear by the artist’s unique vision.  In Eugene, Oregon artist Charlene Liu’s most recent body of work, the artist takes an often prosaic subject and gives it fresh, new life.

Comings and Goings, handmade paper, pigmented pulp, acrylic, 35×37

Upon Waking, handmade paper, pigmented pulp, acrylic, 24×32

Her use of handmade paper brings the organic nature of her creations to the forefront.  She then takes her playfulness with material a step further, using pigmented pulp to create her delicate floral palette.

Swoops and Cyclone, watercolor, handmade paper, pigmented pulp, 40.5×50.5

Like a cottage garden, the elements of each work are layered and wild, where floral still lifes were once a staid domain, they are now delicately set free.

Mad Bloom, mixed media on paper, 30×30

To see more of Charlene Liu’s work, please visit the website of her representing gallery, Taylor de Cordoba, another of my favorite gallery resources for amazing work!

Featured image is Mad Bloom, mixed media on paper, 30×30.  All images are via the Taylor de Cordoba website.

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