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Artsy On the Road: Greetings from California!

15 Oct

As you may have noticed, I’ve been a bit absent from Artsy Forager for the past two weeks as Mr. Forager and I made our way from Coeur d’Alene, ID to our new temporary home in Joshua Tree, CA.  We spent nearly two weeks on the road, seeing sights and visiting with friends.  I’m trying to get my bloggin’ groove back today and will be back in full Forager mode on Tuesday!  Until then, I thought you might enjoy a few postcards our trip!

Bryce Canyon, Utah

South Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona

San Diego Museum of Art, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA

Sunny Jim Cave, LaJolla, CA

Art on the back fence of our little house in Joshua Tree, CA

See ya tomorrow!

Artsy on Escape Into Life: Karen Knorr

4 Sep

I find there is such a mystical, magical quality to the culture of India.  Such a juxtaposition of riches and poverty, exuberance and isolation.  The India Song series of photographer Karen Knorr explores the roles of power in Indian society and I find them both visually stunning and intellectually striking.  See more of Karen’s work on my Artist Watch over on Escape Into Life today!

The Sound of Rain, Junagarh Fort, Bikaner

Karen Knorr on Escape Into Life

Friday Finds: Stairmasters

24 Aug

There is nothing I love more than being out & about and coming across a fabulous piece of street art or public sculpture.  Something I’ve noticed lately is a wonderful propensity for decorating public staircases.  Here are a few of my favorite examples from around the world!

Beirut, Lebanon steps by Strictly Dih-zayhners

Piano Steps, Valparaiso, Chile

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

Painted steps, Valparaiso, Chile

Yarn bombed steps oustide Helsinki Cathedral, Finland ( photo by Peter Norris )

Strictly Dih-zayhners on Street Art Utopia | Valparaiso Steps via We Heart It  | Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago | Painted steps on Street Art Utopia | Yarn Bombed Steps via The Daily Telegraph 

Who knew Valparaiso, Chile was so full of street art goodness?  Definitely on my list of places to visit now!  Have a favorite pair of artsy stairs?  Share ’em over on the Artsy Forager Facebook page!

All image sources are linked above.

Friday Finds: Natural Abstractions

10 Aug

As you may recall, Mr. Forager and I recently returned from a long camping trip in Glacier National Park and Yellowstone ( and we threw in the Lewis & Clark Caverns on the way home ‘cuz we weren’t nearly exhausted enough already ).  We both love the outdoors and as I told Christina Baker in our Artist Takeover interview, I find the natural world to be incredibly inspiring in its artistry.  I thought you might enjoy a few of examples of nature’s artsiness I found while traversing through two of the US’s most beautiful places!

Glacier National Park

Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park

Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park

Thermophiles in hot spring, Yellowstone National Park

Hot spring flow, Yellowstone National Park

Treeline on the drive to the East Entrance, Yellowstone National Park

Inside the Lewis & Clark Caverns, Whitehall, MT

Isn’t nature the most incredible abstract artist?  What are some of your favorite natural abstractions?

All images by Artsy Forager.

Artsy On the Road: Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

9 Jul

Thanks to our currently transient-like lifestyle ( we move every 3-6 months due to my husband’s job ) our opportunities for visiting amazing places are much higher than most people can boast.    We took advantage of hubby’s three day holiday weekend to visit Glacier National Park in Montana and camp at one of my hubby’s favorite places in the world, the tiny hamlet of Polebridge, MT.  So in the spirit of the F/Stop Artsy event here at Artsy Forager, I thought I would share some photos and thoughts from our trip!

Being among amazing natural beauty is a huge source of inspiration for me.  Getting out and hiking and camping refreshes and rejuvenates not just the body, but the mind and the soul.  It is in places like these that we unplug, give ourselves over to each moment and feel how very small we are in this vast landscape.

While the call of the wild is definitely a draw for us, sometimes what makes these trips so inspirational is how much we connect with each other when we’re unplugged and off-the-grid, as well as how we may find ourselves in the midst of an other worldly atmosphere.

For the past few years, my husband has regaled me with stories from his “Summer of Love”, almost an entire summer spent traveling from one amazing place to another.  He’s always described his time in Polebridge, MT, a tiny town less than a mile from the West entrance to Glacier, as his “falling down the rabbit hole”.  Like Wonderland, Polebridge is filled with quirky characters and when you are there, you become immediately immersed in its magic.

It is a place where happy and friendly dogs run free, a French ex-patriot and retired Santa Claus mingles with a former pharmacist turned saloon owner and an entire evening can be spent singing Bob Dylan songs around a bonfire with complete strangers who feel like old friends.

A place where the grass is cool and fragrant and the view from every direction inspires.  It’s a spot where winters are long and hard but summer is its own reward.  A landscape built for dreaming and creating.

Not every artsy place is full of galleries and museums.  Some are artsy by way of how they inspire and the community of people drawn to them.

Where is your artsy destination this summer?  Where will the road take you?  No matter where you are, look for the artsy.  It’s always there and it’s waiting for you.

PS– The folks at Polebridge like their little community small.  So keep it on the down low. 😉

All images are the property of Artsy Forager.  Please do not use without permission.

LoveThisLandia: This Is Oregon

26 Apr

My husband and I love Oregon.  George lived for a while on the Northern Coast of Oregon and last year, we lived in Southern Oregon while he worked in Grants Pass.  The beauty and natural diversity there is just absolutely incredible.  So when Joe Stevens of Shwood Eyewear emailed me about This is Oregon, a photo project “to inspire others to get up, go out and start exploring”, I told him I was more than happy to share it with you!

This Is Oregon, photo by Julian Bialowas

Shwoood Eyewear teamed up with photographer Julian Bialowas to photograph 10 magificient locations, all within a 90 minute drive from downtown Portland, Oregon.  The project’s aim is to “showcase the awe-inspiring landscapes waiting to be explored.”

Columbia River Gorge by Julian Bialowas

There will be a This Is Oregon photo show and party at The Ace Hotel in Portland on May 3rd, admission is free and so is the beer! ( If only we were closer, we would be there for sure! )  Super cool prints of Julian’s This Is Oregon work can be purchased here.  I can’t decide which one I love best.  Each one is more beautiful than the next, just like the landscape in Oregon. ( I’m leaning toward the Columbia River Gorge piece above– it’s one of our favorite OR places! )

I hope you’ll check out the This Is Oregon website and see for yourself.  If you haven’t been to Oregon– plan a trip.  NOW.  You’ll never regret it.

And make sure you watch this video.  It’s almost like being there.  But you need to see it for yourself!

Guest Foraging, Go Navis blog: Artsy in Ashland

11 Apr

Check out my guest post over on the Go Navis blog!  I’ll give you a little tour of one of my favorite Artsy spots– Ashland, Oregon.

The Crown Jewel, Ashland, Oregon

Friday Faves: Map It Out

5 Aug

My husband and I look at a lot of maps.  For the next several years, we’re moving to a new locale every three months, plus we spend weekends exploring the areas surrounding wherever we happen to be living.  Oh, and there are also all the future travel plans.  Like maybe a stint in Thailand in 2013.  ( I KNOW!.. so exciting!! ).  We use whatever maps we can get our hands on.. Google maps online at home, GPS in the car and of course, our good ol’ reliable atlas.  Currently, we’re pouring over maps as we anxiously await the locale of G’s next work assignment.  A month from now I will be typing the Friday Faves from a whole new setting, crazy isn’t it?!

Turns out we aren’t the only ones inspired by maps.  Check out some of my favorite artists who incorporate these geographic illustrations into their own artwork.  Happy travels!

Santa Cruz by Rachel Ann Austin

Navigate ( detail ) by Amy Rice

Drifter's Atlas No. 2 by Dolan Geiman

Fear Hope Oblivion by Francesca Berrini

A Good Mess by Wyanne Thompson

How about it, Artsies?  Anyone mapping out adventures for the weekend?  Have a maptastic artist to share?  Do tell!

1.  Rachel Ann Austin

2.  Amy Rice  ( Featured image is Tandem by Amy Rice )

3.  Dolan Geiman

4.  Francesca Berrini, more of her map artwork can be found at G. Gibson Gallery, here.

5.  Wyanne Thompson

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