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Friday Finds: Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Art

17 Aug

Ya’ll, I am a long time fan of The King.  Not a crazy-I-have-an-Elvis-room-in-my-house-and-make-a-yearly-pilgrimage-to-Graceland fan, but I will sing along with him every time he comes up on the iPod.  Yesterday marked the 35th anniversary of Elvis’s death and I’ve been seeing a lot of artists drawing inspiration from Mr. Presley lately, so thought I’d round up a few of my faves for you!

Sticker Elvis by Jim Blanchard

( Elvis ) Beyond the Bend by Deborah Scott

The Dr. Martin Luther King of Rock & Roll by Troy Gua

Thank You, Thank You Very Much by Sarah Ashley Longshore

Jim BlanchardDeborah Scott | Troy Gua Sarah Ashley Longshore 

Be sure and check out all these artists’ websites, linked above.  If you happen to be in the Seattle area, don’t miss Elvistravaganza!a curated show featuring works inspired by The King during Bumbershoot, Sept 1st-3rd.  All the cool kids will be showing, including Deborah Scott, Jim Blanchard and more!

All images are via the artists’ websites, linked above.

Friday Faves: Cause Celeb

11 Nov

There is no doubt that the US as a country, heck, the earth as a planet even, seems to have an obsession with celebrity.  There is something about the famous ( and infamous ) that fascinates us.  Artists are no strangers to celebrating celebrity.  Many masters honed their skills and made their livings rendering work of the rich and famous.  So today, Artsy Forager is featuring celebrity-driven work.  Watch out for the paparazzi!

La Dada Gaga, (Marcel Duchamp's L.H.O.O.Q. + Lady Gaga) by Troy Gua, resin-coated Lightjet Metallic Print Mounted on 6mm Sintra, 36 x 36

Bob Dylan by Jon Langford, digital print and mixed media on panel, 10x14 via Augen Gallery

Bill Murray, celebrity portrait photoshopped onto portrait by George Dawes by Steve Payne via Artist A Day

Madonna by John Duckworth, acrylic on panel, liquid glass topcoat, 24x24

To see more of these artists’ work, please visit their websites.  Have an epic weekend, Artsies!

1.  Troy Gua

2.  Jon Langford

3.  Steve Payne 

4.  John Duckworth

Featured image is Audrey in Moonlight Peacock ( study ) by Sarah Ashley Longshore.  All images are via the artists’ websites unless otherwise noted.

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