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Friday Faves: Where The Wild Things Are

30 Sep

One of the many things George & I love about the Pacific Northwest is the wildlife.  In the 4 months we’ve been here, we’ve seen bear, elk, hoary marmots, sea lions, elephant seals, eagles, chipmunks and more deer than I can count.  This area of the country still feels incredibly wild and untamed.  So this week, I’m sharing all the wild artwork I’m, well, wild about lately.

The Beast by Shira Glezerman, oil on treated wood, 35.43x55.12

Untitled Stag With Chandelier by Miranda Skoczek, enamel and oil on canvas, 43.31x47.24

Sweaters by Jennifer Davis, acrylic, charcoal & graphite on panel, 12x16

Sheep Chaperone by Vicki Sawyer, acrylic on canvas, 14x11

Have a great weekend, Artsies!  Be sure to check out each of these artists’ websites for more beastly artwork!

1.  Shira Glezerman 

2.  Miranda Skoczek 

3.  Jennifer Davis 

4.  Vicki Sawyer 

Featured image is Climber by Annada Hypes.  All images are courtesy of artist websites.

Friday Faves: Put A Bird On It

8 Jul

It seems that the hipster craft craze has given birds a bad name in the art world.  If you’ve seen the “Put a Bird On it” sketch from IFC’s hilarious Portlandia, you know what I’m talkin’ about.  Bird “art” is everywhere.  It’s those mixed-media collagey things that you see at outdoor art festivals and markets, it’s the ubiquitous black bird on a bare branch.  Now don’t get me wrong, some of this bird art is lovely and fun.  But after a while, it all begins to look the same.

I want to set the record straight.  Restore the good name of bird art.  Here’s a round up of my favorite pieces featuring our fine feathered friends…

Barn Owl by Mary Alayne Thomas

Trespasser by Camille Engel

Flight Two by Jim Draper

Golden Light by Diane Farris

Beginnings by Susan Hall

Caeli by Vicki Sawyer

Think we may be doing a bit of bird watching this weekend.  If you’d like to do some online birding, check out the featured artists’ websites for more ornithological goodies.

1. Mary Alayne Thomas 

2. Camille Engel 

3. Jim Draper 

4. Diane Farris 

5. Susan Hall

6. Vicki Sawyer 

PS– I mean no disrepect to hipsters or their too-cool-for-school birds.  I love them both.

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