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Friday Design Finds: Tie One On

2 Nov

An artsy scarf, that is!  Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a bonafide scarf junkie.  I wear them all year round and my favorite is a vintage silver crocheted scarf that my mom wore in the 70s.  It has such a bohemian, artsy air. Turns out I’m not the only artsy in love with the neck cloths.  Here are some wearable sculpture faves I’ve discovered lately!

Sunrise Rose by Jenne Giles on Artful Home


Terra Cotta Flower scarf by Vital Temptation on Etsy


Tickled Pink Knits by Elena Rosenberg on Etsy


Sabrina Scarf by Sonya Mackintosh on Artful Home


I’m so bummed to be living in the desert during prime scarf-sporting season!  Mr. Forager & I are headed up to Idyllwild tomorrow.. maybe I’ll be able to break out one of my faves.  Happy weekend!

To see more artsy fashionable finds, check out my This Fashion is Artsy board on Pinterest!

All image sources are linked under the images above.

Friday Finds: Fashion Formerly Known as Prints

19 Oct

With the continuing improvements in digital printing, designers and artists are able to collaborate in amazing ways.  I’ve been noticing a trend toward printed, wearable art incorporated into gorgeously designed fashion.  Here are a few of my faves, spotted on Pinterest recently!

Glam Canyon Dress from Modcloth

Flashed Back Shift from Anthropologie

Printed Silk Dress from Mary Katrantze

Pennii Artist Palette Dress from Ted Baker London

Glam Canyon Dress at Modcloth | Flashed Back Shift at Anthropolgie | Mary Katrantzou Dress at Net-A-Porter | Pennii Artist Palette Dress at Polyvore

What say you, Artsies?  Which is your favorite?  Any other fabulously artsy fashion I should know about?  Find these and other artsy fashion finds on my Pinterest board, This Fashion is Artsy.  Happy weekend!

All images from sources linked above.

Wear the Artsy: Painted Jewels

30 Aug

Artsiness isn’t just about the art we create or appreciate.  It is the way we live, the way we treat others, how we carry ourselves.  Over the course of the last year, I’ve read so much regarding how the way we chose to clothe ourselves says so much about who we are or who we are trying to be.  I’m a firm believer in artsy self-expression in any form!  In this new feature, Wear the Artsy, we’ll pair a piece of artwork with a piece of clothing or accessory that captures the spirit of the art.

art | jewelry

In today’s pairing, our inspiration piece is this gorgeous, colorful abstract by artist Dura Hana AKA D.U.R.A.  What better way to wear those beautiful jeweltones than with that cheery Tom Binns Riri Painted Swarovski Cuff?

Do you have suggestions for a piece of art to be featured on Wear the Artsy?  Comment below and let’s see how we can wear our favorites!

Dreams of Doris Day: Tracey Sylvester Harris

16 Aug

In my much younger years, many a Sunday afternoon was spent glued to the television, enraptured by the movies of my parent’s generation.  Each one filling my impressionable mind with images of the perfectly coiffed hair, sophisticated fashions and charming coquettishness of starlets like Doris Day, Audrey Hepburn and Leslie Caron.  The work of California artist Tracey Sylvester Harris hearkens back to those glamorous days of my dreams.

Convertible, oil on canvas, 24×30

Those old films and their heroines led me to believe in a world in which women wore heels to the swimming pool, men were redeemable rakes and an awkward bookworm could be transformed into a beautiful swan.

Light Blue Slip, oil on canvas, 60×40

Starlet, oil on canvas, 60×40

They caused me to prance around our house in my mom’s high heels and a floating negligee dreaming of the glamorous and romantic life I would lead when I grew up.  But soon, reality taught me its hard lessons and I realized that the worlds I so admired weren’t real after all and the world of my dreams began to look a little different.  A bit more earthy and down to earth.  A little less frothy but a lot more fun.

Cocktail Hour, oil on canvas, 36×48

But that doesn’t mean I don’t still occasionally long to thrown on a little black dress and pearls.  Old dreams die hard.

To see more of Tracey Sylvester Harris’ work, please visit her website.  You can also see her work in person, if you’re in the Los Angeles area, at Skidmore Contemporary.

All images are via the artist’s website.

Friday Finds: Inspired Geometrics

29 Jun

As with many right-brained folks, math is not my strong suit.  But one thing I loved about taking geometry was the analysis of shape and how each is formed using different angles.  It seems that many creatives are finding geometrics inspiring these days.  Check out my artsy geometric finds for this week!

Filzfelt Stools via Apartment Therapy

Hare by Marco Cibola

Brooch by No Milk Today

Welsummer Oblong Cushion by Lindsey Lang

Quilt by Lisa Call

Filzfelt via Apartment Therapy | Marco Cibola | No Milk Today | Lindsey Lang | Lisa Call 

Happy weekend, Artsies!  Will you be doing some artsy geometric foraging of your own this weekend? 😉

PS– You may have noticed that I’ve switched up the Friday’s title from Friday Faves to Friday Finds.  I’ll be using the Friday round-up to not only explore what’s trending in the art world, but to also share my inspiring finds throughout the world of design!

Featured image is Hare by Marco Cibola ( detail ).  All images are via the artists’/designers’ websites, linked above.

Model Character: Luis Cornejo

7 Jun

I admit it.  I love a pretty fashion magazine as much as the next girl.  Pages and pages of beautiful people contorting their bodies into strange positions to sell gorgeous clothes can sometimes enthrall me for hours.  But then, I find myself needing a break from the beautiful.  That may sound strange, but so often, the perfectly styled and photoshopped images create an unreal world, one that I can only take so much of.  El Salvadoran artist Luis Cornejo takes these idealized images as his inspiration but infuses them with cartoonish humor.

Paff!, oil, acrylic and charcoal on canvas, 51×75

Isolating the figures gives each painting an almost classical composition, seeming to compare the fashion models of today to the artist’s muse of the past.

Untitled ( #5 ), oil and acrylic on canvas, 47×58

The models retain their “fierce”, pouty poses, while Cornejo’s added illustrative elements remind us to not take this artificially created world too seriously.

Untitled ( #6 ), oil and acrylic on linen, 31×39

Untitled ( #7 ), oil and acrylic on linen, 35×53

To see more of Luis Cornejo’s work, please visit his website.

Artist found via The Jealous Curator.

Artsy Fodder: Is That a Tiny Mountain On Your Finger or Are You Just Glad to See Me?

20 Apr

Yep, mountains on the brain.  I’m completely in love with this ring by jewelry artist Terhi Tolvanen.

Aurore Ring, opal, pear wood, paint, cement, 4cm high

Check out this Helsinki artist’s website for more beautiful, nature-inspired wearable art.

Image via the artist’s website.


Artsy Fodder: If I Were a Margaret Glew Painting

5 Apr

I stumbled across this necklace from Anthropologie on Pinterest today.  If I were a Margaret Glew painting, I would wear this all the time.

Pieced Prism Necklace, Anthropologie

necklace available here 

Always On My Mind by Margaret Glew, oil on canvas, 96x72

Artsy Fodder: Tie One On

28 Mar

Anyone who knows me is aware of my love affair with scarves.  As in I own way too many and am powerless to resist their call.  I even hike wearing a scarf ( ok, a bandana, really ).  They instantly up the degree of artsiness in any outfit.  These hand painted and embroidered scarves by Naomi Clark on Grey Area are insanely gorgeous, wearable works of art!

Mineral Blue Scarf by Naomi Clark

See all the designs here!


Artsy Fodder: Speaking of Branches

23 Mar

Since we’re on the subject of tree branches today, have you seen these necklaces from Lovisa Lindstrom’s Etsy shop, marukiko?

Lovisa Lindstrom

I am completely in love with them.  One would be the perfect tree-gazing accessory!

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